TTLs- Moving Forward

Technology Teacher Leaders are explorers and designers who employ technology tools to advance learning.
We will build a virtual seed-bag of ideas and tools for enhancing learning in our classes, then create plans to scatter the seeds among learner-neighbors. Continuing with the challenge.



What if the Story Changed? This is a long one.

What would you like to do to improve your effectiveness as a teacher-learner who uses technology?

You cannot be a leader if you do not have a follower!
How do we get others to be inspired, and then to use technology to enhance their learning environments?
Who are your followers? Students? Parents, Other teachers?
How can you garner more followers and deepen relationships with current ones?

Some resources for thinking about where we are headed:
Reflections from Alan November’s Culture of Learning presentation
Partnership for 21st Century Skills
Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow-Today
How Do You Define 21st-Century Learning? Education Week Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook
One question, 11 answers

Tools: How can we use the tools we have to blaze paths for learning? To help others blaze their own trails?
Google Docs

Google Sites
Voicethread -
The Web

Khan Academy


Common Core & Technology

Some Guru's Spots


Steve Hargadon: Education, Technology, Social Media, and You!

  • The New Literacies of Online Reading Comprehension: Preparing ALL Students for Their Reading Future
    Leu, D. J. - Keynote delivered to Pearson Education’s Instructional Leadership Council. Rancho Bernardo Inn. San Diego, CA.
    • To view the PowerPoint presentation, click here (large file).