For the past few years, I have had the pleasure of working with some members of the Groton staff, mainly TTLs and elementary teachers, to help them find ways to leverage learning with technology. This year I will be available on a semi-regular basis to support secondary staff with ways to engage students and address your learning objectives using computers as a tool.
I also hope to support formation of a Learning with Technology Committee in your schools.

It is critical to use and integrate computers into the classroom and the student learning environment for these reasons:
  • Being able to use technology is a prerequisite for success in the global and digital economy of the 21st century. Try to imagine any profession that does not rely on some level of expertise with technology.
  • The computer extends learning beyond the school’s four walls—computers can move with the student from the classroom to the library to the home, extending a teacher’s reach and making learning opportunities ubiquitous.
  • Computers and the Internet provide a vast library of resources: informational, computational, and cultural. Computers bring the resources of the world to learners.
  • The use of computers and the Internet in the classroom allows students to collaborate with other students, educators, and experts in the field.
  • Technology tools help teachers enrich their lessons with multimedia to address auditory, kinesthetic, and visual modes of learning.

Some tidbits:

Common Core and Technology A few quotes, plucked from the Common Core Standards.

Some examples of what we have been doing:

Tech Skills in Groton These are working documents being developed as guides for integrating technology into instruction.

Where are we now? Where are we going?
For more info, to set up a brainstorming or planning meeting, contact:
Andy Yale
Learning with Technology Consultant