Technology Teacher Leaders are explorers and designers who employ technology tools to advance learning.

We have access to powerful tools. Our challenges are to keep learning and to make these tools available to students in a way that supports their learning.

Brief IC Educational Technology Day highlights from attendees

Reflection and Sharing
  • Recent successes with students while using technology, especially individual student impacts or collaborative learning episodes
  • Recent challenges
  • Record in CODE:PYVCHS
  • Report out

You cannot be a leader if you do not have a follower!
How do we get others to be inspired, and then to use technology to enhance their classroom learning environments?
Divide up, elementary / secondary in pages linked at left. Discuss. Take notes in those wiki pages.
Report out.

Time to explore!

Explore classroom, and instructional and school design considerations. Aim for student centered active learning environments. What resources are there? What are your next steps?
Project Based Learning

Common Core & Technology

Some Guru's Spots