Technology Teacher Leaders are explorers and curriculum designers who employ technology tools to advance learning.

Begin and Meld

Good news, agenda viewing, get in the mood.

21st Century Learning: Viewpoints

Reflections from Alan November’s Culture of Learning presentation
Return to Sender from THE Journal
Schools continue to deliver new graduates into the workplace lacking the tech-based "soft skills" that businesses demand. Experts blame K-12's persistent failure to integrate technology.
Partnership for 21st Century Skills
Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow-Today
How Do You Define 21st-Century Learning? Education Week Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook
One question, 11 answers

On 1-2 slides in this Google Presentation share your thoughts about the content of the resources above, and your inspiration, doubt, and/or conclusions.
Represent key themes w/ graphics or text bits.

Google Apps

How is the rollout going?
The implementation as it is set up?
What are potential uses here? Where is the low-hanging fruit?
- with each other, as colleagues
- with students

Project Based Learning

How we got to PBL.
Different models, Essential elements of PBL...
Groton PBL Collaborative Initiative
Concept of a unifying theme. King Middle School
Possibilities from Groton Instructional Council 3-3-11
Perceptions regarding Technology Use at GCS 3-3-11

Vision Building with Administrators

Japanese proverb: Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
A conversation with Superintendent and Principals about vision for technology at Groton and next steps.
We will have, as a way to begin the conversation, a small informational packet, our Google Presentation
and -of course- our evolving thinking.

Update on EETT grant

- What the group has been doing
- talk about Kerri's work, etc.

Consolidation time

Work on:
PBL Unit or
Presentations for 3/25 Conference or
Consolidate your thinking through independent exploration