Good morning!
A goal for today: Ramp-up the transfer of your understandings and skills about technology integration to your colleagues.
What will make the most difference for your colleagues with the least effort on your part? How can your joint TTL work result in a magnified positive affect on student learning throughout the Groton district?
One possibility for common, multi-disciplinary tech integration work is an easy and powerful tool: Voicethread.
Do one Voicethread jointly:
Focusing prompt: appreciate past year and accomplishments, what are your next steps? (work in pairs to plan 1 minute contribution, then do your choice of video, audio, or text contributions)
View result.
Process this in discussion.


Goal-Develop competence.
Review examples of Voicethreads in pertinent subject areas in pairs or individually.
Obtain accounts,
View project development guidelines, consider rubrics
Time to explore and begin to develop curricular infused activities

Diversifying, customizing, and differentiating instruction with technology,

Bloom's revised Taxonomy, digitally, etc.
Resources: and and
What Does Technology Integration Look Like?
Check out the Technology Integration Matrix to see what integration looks like at both one to one access (every student has access) as well as shared access (labs, stations, groups sharing technology). This site has examples at all levels from entry and adoption to innovation and transformative.
“Literacy with ICT means choosing and using ICT, responsibly and ethically, to support critical and creative thinking about information and about communication as citizens of the global community. Literacy with ICT consists of critical and creative thinking, ethics and responsibility, and ICT literacy.”

Parcel sections for pairs to ingest, digest, and then share with group: digitally and in discussion. <<<<<<<<•••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Literacy Connections for pertinent subject areas in light of the above.

Integrating Focus: Text structures and Graphic Organizers
A very good site/article for framing:
and another, from the NEA:
To marvel at...

Explore and develop graphic organizers

Wrap up:

Prompt: What did you learn today and what are you eager to try on your own?
Share with colleagues?

Wordle: TTL Learning Plans

Digitally captured brief reflection, then oral sharing.

View collected thoughts.

Sir Ken Robinson on Schools Killing Creativity

Why is this among the "most favorited of all time" at ?

How Kids Teach Themselves...