Vision - Developing, Owning, and Sharing

From Jim, and opened for comments and discussion Fall 2011:
Technology Vision for Groton
Next steps?

Growing and Supporting Each Other

Sharing with each other: The good, the challenging..., what can we replicate?
Three Starting Points for Thinking Differently about Learning by Will Richardson

Essential Conditions Survey Results Sixteen pages long....
Preferred Time for workshopsLearning interestsHardware and software: Desires and Other Comments from October 2012 SurveyCan we respond to these desires, needs and observations? How?

Setting up a "Showcase" of learning experiences

Other ways to spread the word, make the case, and promote access and use - preliminary brainstorm
  • Conversations
  • Blogging
  • Videos
  • List of hardware, software, uses for such
  • Mini-grant pool for software and hardware
  • More secondary TTLs

Next session: January?

Working effectively with colleagues: