Technology Teacher Leaders are explorers and curriculum designers who employ technology tools to advance learning.

ASCD’s the Whole Child ............Refreshing!

We have access to powerful tools. Our challenges are to keep learning and to make these tools available to students in a way that supports their learning.

Resource announcements: Intel Teach, Google Apps at Groton
Brief NYSCATE highlights from attendees

  • Recent successes with students while using technology, especially individual student impacts or collaborative learning episodes
  • Recent challenges
  • Record in blog
  • Report out

Intel Teach as a resource: look inside: INTEL Teach Elements Courses

Take some time to look at the courses and content

Google Apps: How can we use these tools, model and spread their use with colleagues and students?

Survey-Students and NETS

Begin to plan Share Sessions for March Conference Day: Title, description, planning time (possibly)

New and Past areas for exploration:

Partnership for 21st Century Skills-
21st Century Skills Overview (4 page handout)
Checklist for teachers when thinking about planning instruction
TPACK: Review and refresh understanding and use of this approach
  • TPACK Page
  • Think about communication to colleagues concering the TPACK approach = a great wiki with lots to absorb. See especially this slideshow: Designing Tech Infused Curriculum with UbD

Exploring and perfecting use of software tools and websites- time to explore and share
Exploration Record Form
Form Results