Guidelines for those with iPads to use in selecting software to purchase:
Apps fall into different categories. There are some that may be valuable to nearly everyone with an iPad. Other Apps might be specific to a HS Science teacher or to an intermediate teacher working on ELA with her students. Still others might be useful for record keeping.
Some things to consider:
  • Can an equivalent App be obtained for free?
  • Have you read reviews? If it has not been reviewed, best to wait.
  • Does it allow a preview, and if so did you make use of that?
  • Does its potential use justify the cost?
  • How will it improve student achievement or professional efficiency?

If you find an app that is useful, be sure to recommend it to others.

App Store Volume Purchase Program Explained
"Some good news is that the Volume Purchase Program is only for paid apps. Free apps can be downloaded immediately without going through the process outlined in the flowchart. It's reassuring to know that 30% of apps in the App Store are free and you can search the App Store for only free apps by conducting a Power Search.With nearly 300,000 (now 500,000) items in the App Store, there's a good chance you'll find a free alternative to a paid app. For instance, searching for Digital Storytelling gave me a great free alternative to SonicPics called Storyrobe."